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packaging design sample maker general program

(Suitable for color printing factory, packing plant packaging product design proofing sample maker, The integration of the process before printing) of various packaging products .solving sample maker proofing, printing, die cutter, make-up,operate open paper.all pre-press process quantitative management, transparency, experience and reduce other human  factors to impact of the enterprise. Reduce production costs, improve business efficiency and competitiveness, strengthen enterprise management.

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Working Process

working Principle

1) Use AOKE professional design software to draw box
2) import box file to aoke machine for producing white box-type
3) confirm the structure and size from the white box-type samples
4) Paste the structure to the  graphic design pattern.

5)using color three-dimensional simulation function to confirm the overall effect for Box-type structure and the of graphic design

6)  opening paper and makeup through  box-type structure  to calculate the cost 

7)maintaining graphic design make-up Consistency by a key functional and structural make-up

8)Automatically generated  required CTP data  to ensure print and box-type design consistent
9)Automatically generated required cutting data to ensure box-type die cutter and design consistent


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