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carton box Simple sample maker program

■ process almost all packaging materials. Including cartons; mounted pit box; handmade boxes; boutique box; paper shelf; paper display stand; POP display stands; paper furniture; card tray; three-dimensional book; tag; label; stickers; transparent plastic boxes free knife mold proofing sample maker and small batch production.

■ processing 15mm thick corrugated paper, about 3mm or 4mm thick gray paperboard; about 2mm ocardboard; hand box framed cloth, tissue paper, leather, shock-proof material; POP advertising with the KT board, foam board; thin cardboard, coated paper, book , sticker,adhesive labels; PVC, PET materials.

■ can half cut,whole cut, dotted line,  high-precision drawing, positioning printed carton plant hanging  and other functions.

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Working Process

working Principle

carton box sample maker cutting machine diagram and operation method
Operation method:
1)Open the electrical control box switch, open the control computer.
2)Operator use the computer processing graphics  cutting and drawing line
3)Import the processing graphics to cutting machine
4)Determine the location to place the cutting material  in the cutting machine table .
5)Click "Start Processing" button in the  computer, cutting machine  will start working. drawing lines then cutting.
6)Vacuum pump start working at the same time when cutting machine is working to absorb the cutting material.
7)Machine head automatically remove while production is completed, at the same time vacuum pump automatically stop working then no longer absorb material.
8)Operator  take the cutting pattern  
9)Finish working


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