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Detailed dusting and printing technologies problem

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Detailed dusting and printing technologies problem
Sheetfed offset press in the printing process, especially for the use of coated paper and printing ink screen large fine print, in order to prevent the ink stick is dirty, usually the same color used in printing the final dusting.
Do not use the new offset the current use of powder or less, using light irradiation drying devices becoming more and more popular. But the paper drying system in most high-profile offset income on paper, its price is very expensive. Order printing domestic printing enterprises in the time few people will buy the system. Therefore the majority of printing companies have to play with the powder to prevent the problem of dirty paper and ink stick, powder still widely used. Spray to control the amount of the following precautions to do a simple summary.
1)dusting powder for use
Spray on the market mainly in the printing plant material as the basis of pure raw materials, materials commonly used in flour, corn flour (corn starch), vegetable starch, flour and so on. Dusting powder should be based on quantitative and other factors the paper the right choice, requiring powder diameter of at least 15nm, more rough when printed on paper, the powder can choose a larger diameter, high-quality fine powder in a small dust content . If the second printing process requirements, should be used in starch powder, to avoid wear and tear on the plates produced, must not use talcum powder for a class.
2)dusting operation control
The amount of powder should be as specific conditions and requirements may be printed, with the specific printing speed, paper properties, paper format, compatible graphics printing. Should generally be based on product size and the amount of ink used in the paper the paper choose the right dusting of different amount, and according to the size of the paper format used to adjust the number of nozzles and spray format.
3)dusting hazards
A) the impact on human health
Although the powder is sold mostly on the human body does not cause irreparable harm to the chemical composition, but the operator's long-term stay in fine dust flying work of workshop may also cause some lung airway disease, should be taken to avoid inhalation of powder.
B) the impact of the equipment
Powder, the paper sticky dust particles, not only in the second printing of the time of printing quality, but also from the paper he went to powder on the ink roller, not only affect the ink transfer roller is also greatly reduced the life , but also seriously reduces the life of the blanket, and another considerable portion of the amount of powder are flying machine delivery chains, gripper and roller, a more serious impact on the life of the machine. The resulting increase in maintenance and repair work virtually the cost of production.
C) the impact of the product
India in the positive and negative, if the flour is too large, it will directly affect the negative ink transfer. Spray deposited on the printing blanket, causing serious fade. In some cases, the powder will be transferred to the plate, resulting in dampening and paste version / dirty version of the problem. Serious need to be cleaned every few hundred to a blanket, the ink will also be affected product, before and after the ink is inconsistent, restricting production quality and efficiency. Can use three measures to address: the removal of paper powder processing; the case without dampening the printing by pressing powder; necessary ink oil overlay.
Some high-end products in the printing, the operator is always hope that some of ink saturation. This product not only of the bright and shining India, and in order to prevent the rub dirty and increase the amount of powder. Ink not yet dry powder in the ink has been absorbed, it will form a layer of fog in color, glossiness of products is therefore reduced.
In the packaging printing, processing more and more important, but because of the printing areas are powder, powder stick to the paper, so that a plastic, film and other scrap rate greatly increased. At the same time heavier paper and packaging industry, ink is large, the equipment in this environment often occur close the printing paper and transfer part of the mechanical failure
4)How to reduce the amount of powder
A) strictly control the density. By sampling density to obtain the best grasp of paper under the best range of ink. The ink in the range of volume control, can reduce the phenomenon of dirty, sticky back, which can reduce the amount of powder.
B) transfer printing some dark area, thick ink products, can be a means to alleviate the plate. The extent permitted by right in the shadows ink thinning.
C) the density of proofs and printing to the state can successfully achieve consistent. Kind of increase can not be blind to check the amount of ink, so to print serious trouble, after increasing the amount of ink caused a serious expansion of outlets had increased to avoid the sticky dirty dusting.
D) control the amount of fountain solution, ink emulsion to maintain a good state to ensure their reasonable ink drying, thus reducing the amount of powder.
E) Set the correct printing pressure. Pressure is too light, ink can not be properly transferred, can not be fully integrated with the paper, the transfer will not result in the back of solid rub dirty. Expand the allowable range in the network to increase the printing pressure, to avoid unnecessary dirty sticky, reducing the amount of powder.
F) when the first printing of positive and negative sides of the size relationship between the amount of ink, the ink was smaller, easy to stick dirty first printing, the ink is large, it may stick after the dirty side of India, a large amount of plane in Mexico can be appropriate to increase the amount of powder. If the first side of a large number of spray ink bound to large progressive deposition may lead to discoloration, dirty version, paste version of such consequences.
G) Placing of paper drying rack. Large amount of products for the powder dry paper holder, radiotherapy can reduce the amount of powder, spray a small amount of product may not need dusting.
H) The use of new ink additives. The additive mixture according to the proportion of ink in the ink after printing the paper surface layer of polymer film to prevent the wet ink and paper in direct contact, thereby preventing sticking dirty
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