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Corrugated nail machine feature

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Corrugated nail machine feature
Carton equipment adjustments to avoid blindness, according to shake the carton lid to adjust the main baffle, baffle around the location and position of nail head down, pay attention to the folder can not be too tight around the bezel, should ensure a smooth insertion of cardboard and pull out. Mechanical adjustment after the completion of the touch-screen computer settings: If the original carton carton height = High-40mm, the number of carton nail, nail away from the carton, is set to strengthen the nail, single, two-piece selection and so on. After the above work are set to be a trial production.
If the board thickness is too thick, should arrange to provide the appropriate pressure at the thin together in order to provide timely and tissues are not crushed. Stapling should be in accordance with the requirements of production orders, box nails should be nailed along the lap part of the center line, deflection of not more than 3mm. Nails should be uniform from the first, last nail on the distance from the offline 20mm, single nail from less than 55mm, less than two-nails from 75mm. Prison should be set to provide for transparency, not a stack of nails, short nails, Alice nails, broken nails, curved nails, not the corner and so on, two boxes blank response to homogeneous, with no scissors mouth.
After set box, carton box to get by folding Founder, General size of less than or equal to 1000mm top carton shall not exceed the difference between the two diagonal 3mm, inner diameter of a single integrated corrugated box within a deviation of ± 2mm , double corrugated boxes within the ± 4mm, integrated carton size larger than 1000mm top shall not exceed the difference between the two diagonal 5mm, diameter of a single tile cartons integrated deviation is less than 3mm, not more than 5mm double-corrugated boxes . Corner of the carton is not greater than the diameter vulnerability 4mm2, and may not have obvious corners, outside the swing away from the seam or lap cover not more than 2mm. Nail box nail phenomenon may not occur and fell down, yin and yang side, varieties, specifications of the two boxes blank inconsistent not with the wrong set. After the boxes provided by the inspection and approval before formal production. Nail me the beginning, the board by the servo feed motor, the motor vehicle driven nailhead nails Box nails done. Nailhead motor-driven and fitted with clutch and brake drive shaft under the clutch nail me crank mechanism to achieve action, when action to complete the first nail, board picked up the cardboard tailgate by way of crank mechanism moves a step driven feed roller rotation, away from the nail to stop after the scheduled immediately nailed the second action. The key is to nail me, and nail head nail vehicle quality, product quality failures have occurred here.
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