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International pack and print featured event

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International pack and print featured event January 2011
(A) 2011: India's printing industry output will reach 21 billion U.S. dollars
Original: It is well-known print media Printweek reports, India is expected output of the printing industry in 2011 reached 210 billion U.S. dollars, or up to 73%.
Government of India attaches great importance to education, by 2010, India's demand for books increased by 8.8% per year will come up with $ 8,000,000,000 of the funds to support education, thus promoting prosperity and development of the Indian publications market, while growth momentum for the printing industry into the .
Comments: Last year, media reports as early as the printing industry a bright future in India, or to competing with China. India is the fastest growing printing industry in a country, growth of over 12% between 2008 and 2009 the market value of about 12.81 billion U.S. dollars, and is expected to reach 25.1 billion by 2012. Printing industry in India through the reform of the last 15 years considerable progress has been made, new technologies and multi-functional business investment in equipment to the printing industry has embarked on a modernization. With the way the printing industry in India singing, Printweek reports, India is expected output of the printing industry in 2011 reached 210 billion U.S. dollars, or up to 73%! We have to admit that the Indian government for the strong support of the local printing industry a strong impetus to the rapid development of the printing industry. Some media said that the status of India and China began to struggle, HC printing network that India has been manufacturing printing equipment as the main entry-level work, and China's major R & D for low cost manufacture of high-end equipment, so the two countries and the current target market not the same, there is no obvious competitive situation. Even if the future of India targeting China's printing industry development direction is a good thing, after all, can there be development of competition.
(B) of the Konica Minolta company will acquire AllCovered
Original: Konica Minolta has announced the acquisition market for small and medium enterprises manage IT services AllCovered company. It is understood that the latter can provide including active server management, remote monitoring, cloud computing, on-site network support and a variety of services including consulting, and has 22 offices across the United States.
Comments: If you look closely you can find the beginning of 2011, Konica Minolta will have a lot of big moves. January 5, 2011 News, Konica Minolta has announced the "Business Optimization (BetterBuysforBusiness)" formally in 2010, "Innovative Product Award" granted to the company's bizhubPRESSC8000 color digital printer and bizhub423/363/283 / 223 Series Monochrome Multifunctional composite one model; Feb. 16 news, Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. elected to the sustainable development of the world's most power 2011Global100 100 companies; the same day news, Konica Minolta Business Solutions ( UK) company has recently reorganized its board of directors, and hope that through the new leadership team to make the company become the market leading supplier of printing solutions; Feb. 17 news, the world's leading authority of the office equipment testing lab - BLI "buyers Laboratory "(BuyersLaboratoryInc) declared: Konica Minolta color and black and white composite machines products, won the lab was awarded the" 2010 Editor's Choice of color laser printers. " From the "Product Innovation of the Year Award" to the BLI "Buyers Laboratory" award, selected from the force of the world's most sustainable development of 100 companies to re-board the British company, Konica Minolta product quality lay with the leading printing solutions business status; Konica Minolta every move is revealed in its 2011 plan to expand its solutions and services types of desire.
(C) of the European packaging companies to enter the packaging market in China
Original: In recent years, long-term major markets of Europe as Stora Enso's strategy to accelerate the pace of adjustment, on the one hand and European markets for paper products, a slowdown in consumer demand conditions, be closed a number of paper-making factories, millions of tons of compressed capacity the other hand, Asia and South America focusing on developing the fast-growing emerging consumer market.
At the same time, the group to keep paper in the field of competitive advantages, positive fiber-based packaging industry to enter, by extending the industrial chain, achieve higher efficiency.
Comments: With the rapid economic development, China has the throne sit tight manufacturing country, while the packaging industry has developed rapidly along the face of such temptations of the market, how can we turn a blind eye Stora Enso? Therefore, investment in enterprises in China, Stora Enso is to expand the packaging business, integrating a powerful way to group related resources.
(D) Danaher Corporation acquired 350 million euros ho throw Esko
Original: Danaher Corporation (Danaher) has invested 350 million euros acquisition of the world's leading system integrators and Packaging packaging, commercial printing and professional publishing production suppliers Esko.
Comments: Esko is the packaging supply chain systems integrator, and packaging, commercial printing and professional publishing to produce a global supplier. Major product and service portfolio allows customers to increase productivity began to accelerate product time to market, reduce costs and expand business. Danaher Corporation is one of the nation's leading manufacturers as well as annual sales of more than 8 billion U.S. dollars, a fast growing Fortune 500 companies. Esko believe this acquisition a strong support in the Danaher can enter a stage of rapid development, and product identification platform, part of the Danaher also because of the addition of Esko rapid growth
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