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Purchase and operate skills for cutting machine

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Purchase and operate skills for cutting machine
Aoke carton box sample maker cutting machine is not like hand-cutting equipment, in particular the use of daily operations need to pay attention to grasp some of the details in order to reduce wear and tear on the cutting equipment and improve the cutting quality. From the perspective of cutting the workpiece, material, thickness, and the cutting process arrangements and other issues will be in operation have different requirements, different cutting the same computer on Bioko cutting-associated loss is not the same parts. Here some common situations that we will briefly explain the details of the operation.
1)aoke computer cutting machine has many specifications of various models of machines, be sure to purchase the specific circumstances of the case against the factory, for example: cardboard carton carton plants normally use DCZ50 computerized cutting machine.
2)different materials, different thickness, different process parameters on the processing requirements are not the same, as far as possible in the use of new materials and transferred to the best first try cutting parameters, cutting machine that the computer processing of results for all maintenance and process it a big improvement.
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