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Food packaging and printing testing standard

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Food packaging and printing testing standard
These environmentally-friendly food materials such as paper or cardboard carton packaging, design drawings through the computer, and then use carton box sample maker cutting machine,after determining the qualified products after processing through a variety of printing methods, the ink adhesion on paper, will not transfer harmful substances to food, on the security printing ink how to test it?
   As we all know, after the printing of packaging materials have different levels of odor, depending on the ingredients used in inks and printing methods. Should first note that the emphasis is not what it is like the smell, but after printing the packaging for its contents formed the real impact is. The chemical sense of taste and smell, and its stimulating effect is the result of bio-molecular reaction. Scientific research shows that: the tongue of the different locations will have sour, sweet, bitter, salty taste effect, but more sensitive sense of smell can quickly sniff out the nuances of smell, but with the nose is also very easy because of "fatigue" rather than continue to work, it is generally recommended that perfume makers do not identify 3 or more continuous fragrance. So, for packaging printed matter how the smell of in the end to detect the criteria? German printing industry to use a kind of detection method.
1)gas chromatography
Air-chromatography using gravure packaging materials in the production of widely adopted. Analysis by gas chromatography to determine objectively printed on the packaging had the smell of residual solvents and other content. In the process of gas chromatography, gas through a separation column, measured by the detector, even with a small amount of gas can be detected. Flame ionization detector (FID) is the main detection tool, the detector is connected to PC, to record the time and the amount of gas to leave the separation column. By comparison with the known fluid chromatography can identify the situation of the free monomer. Also, by measuring the peak area recorded and compared with the known volume, can be the free monomer content. In the study monomer folding carton unknown situation, usually by gas chromatography and mass method (MS) used by MS identification of unknown monomer. In gas chromatography, the top of the spatial analysis methods are usually used to analyze the folding carton, measurement sample was placed in sample vials were heated to evaporate and be analyzed into the top of the single space, then the process described earlier as the testing process.
 2)Robimson detection
    In the German standard DIN log55 "packaging materials on the test object of taste" in the detection of Robinson made a set level. For printing, it is concerned that the printing ink solvent residues after the impact, therefore, Robinson printers typically use modified test method (MHM), in order to achieve the purpose of testing.
    In the detection process, the substrate surface to 1.5% m2 amount of printing ink, and then print and packaging products, such as chocolate loaded rotation after a certain time (about a day) the taste of the packaging after the judge, the result is usually divided into 5, etc.: 0 and so no change in taste; a taste of such changes is difficult to distinguish; 2, and so a slight change in taste; 3, and so have some change in taste; 4 other significant change in taste. Sometimes, it was also in the actual environmental conditions for testing, for example, the tray into the 75% RH at high temperature under the testing, the results usually do so in the method specified in DIN log55 have a greater difference.
    Practical means by these two methods of printing ink after printing on the packaging of the smell and taste if it is safe for the quantitative detection of carton packaging and printing for evaluating whether the environment, safety, provides a clear method. And the corresponding departments of printing can refer to the advanced detection methods and international standards, and work out with international standards, and consistent with our production methods and standards for testing conditions, thereby promoting the development of the printing industry
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