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paper box good sales market in 2011

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paper box good sales market in 2011
Aoke carton box sample maker cutting machine can be done quickly to sample, and to improve the rate of qualified products from the mold and waste saving
Post-crisis era, a good momentum of economic development, market growth means that growth in demand, to meet the needs of users must improve productivity and expand production.
Currently, the concept of popular low-carbon world, box manufacturers, as a member of social development, sustainable development road of the green printing duty. Implementation of green printing, are printed by the printing power into power the only way to achieve harmony between man and nature a necessary requirement is a breakthrough in international trade "green barriers" the only choice is to achieve scientific development, the practical requirements of Industrial Ecology. "Green printing" is referred to an unprecedented height.
In the "green printing" the call of the banner theme of this side, the box manufacturers will look toward more energy-saving, environmental protection equipment. In the economic globalization, global economy of any enterprise is an integral part of the chain, both providers of products and services, but also the use of resources, who should become the protector of resources and environment. Currently, the concept of popular low-carbon world, the implementation of low power consumption, low pollution, low-emission low-carbon economy based on green economic development model has become one hot topic, which is both the only way to achieve sustainable economic development, it is the transformation of economic development, promoting industrial energy efficiency, emission reduction, saving a major issue that must be addressed
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