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Tobacco packaging box cutting fluff reason

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Tobacco packaging box cutting fluff reason
Tobacco packaging box when raising the cutting, packaging and printing from the dust of the many common problem faced by manufacturers, and has not been a good solution.
Lead to cutting the main factors raising the quality of paper and molding two aspects.
Raising quality of the paper on the impact of cutting
Some high-end products because firms increasingly high demand for the packaging, so when the paper packaging printing is generally used in the selection of white cardboard, covered gold, silver cardboard and aluminum or cardboard. The paper is divided into two kinds of primary and recycled paper; original good quality paper, paper fiber is longer, cutting hair when the resulting paper, paper dust is less.
Recycled paper fiber is short, can easily produce paper cutting hair, paper dust. Particularly renewable coated gold, silver cardboard raising even more serious because the surface of the PVC film or PET film to die to bring some difficulties. However, manufacturers of paper products in order to reduce costs and promote environmentally friendly development, and extensive use of recycled paper. This paper hair and paper dust problem can only be solved from the molding area.
The impact of raising molding die
Usually, we take the product molded traditional way. When production of die-selected by the thickness of the paper, for example, 0.3mm thick paper processing, cutting knife height 23.8mm, the height of the indentation line 23.8mm-0.3mm = 23.5mm. This method of selection although the indentation line height is correct, but it ignores the structure of the product forming the distance between the indentation line. For example, a hard box flip cigarette box and the indentation is less than the distance between the lines 20mm. Since the distance is too small, if the indentation and cutting the same time, not in the printing paper is completely cut, the indentation so that the paper had been produced tension and tear the paper, resulting in the production of paper hair. So to solve the problem of paper hair, you must adjust the indentation from the distance between the start line, so that when printed materials in the die to reduce tension or change the indentation indentation, cutting order.
Straight knife cutting knives, including knives and stripes, the two lines have different knives the blade height of the points. The formation of lines and the blade height difference is directly related to different types of paper products and steel knife cutting the quality of life effects. In gross terms to avoid paper, ruled knife better than stripes and knife; in life, the short front knife blade is much better than the high front. Therefore, we in the production of molded version, should address the selection of different paper properties of different types of die-cutting knife. For example, when used in the die-cutting cardboard coated ruled high front knife, and the requirements of the blade is polished. Processing of such products is best not to use an embossing molding process, mainly because of the indentation pressure and the impact of uneven pressure on the cutting too difficult to control. The selection of jam in the processing of ordinary dwarf front knife, based on the quality of paper fibers to determine the blade's front lines. When cutting paper, thick paper fibers or less ruled when the knife used, but when a good selection of paper fiber stripes and knives, which can improve the tool life.
In selecting cutting knife, and then configure the indentation line. Many, many cigarette box location very close to the indentation between the lines, such as the above that small box of hard Heyan package. So in the processing of these locations, you can not configure the indentation line at normal height, molded generated when the tension on the paper should minimize, to achieve the desired results. There are two ways: First, reduce the height of the indentation line; the second indentation is to reduce the thickness of the bottom mold section. Both can not be used, or do not work well indentation results. The best way is to reduce the indentation line height, reduced height is usually 0.1 ~ 0.2mm. According to the thickness of the identification of specific decrease the number of paper, paper thickness 350g/m2 lower than 0.2mm, the thickness of paper below the lower 350g/m2 0.mm. At the same time the distance is too small indentation line position, so that it can be pasted sponge tape to play the role of anti-tension, the paper is pressed to reduce the tension. 20mm away from the indentation line position, the choice of shore hardness for the HS75 arched strip; a little line of knives at the inappropriate use of excessive hardness of the sponge rubber, just as the HS45 with shore hardness of breathable foam plastic; pole If the distance between the 5mm bit below should be used as a shore hardness HS60 of the strip, so as to achieve the best results.
To note here is that above about the cutting knife, sponge rubber indentation line and gross failure in solving the paper must be used in conjunction to achieve the best results.
Of course, with the continuous development of packaging and printing industry, packaging and printing materials are to diversification, the methods described here can only be used for the current more general ordinary cardboard coated cardboard and does not apply to other special packaging Printed material.
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