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Advertising LGP light box cutter machine

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Advertising LGP light box glasswork acrylic pmma V cutter groove engraving machine can process ultra-thin light box ,light guide panel plate, acrylic, plexiglass and other materials characterization grid or drawing lines. applicable for lighting,sign board industry,interior decoration, shop showcase industry, specialized in 3D V-cutting light guide panels plate (LGP), slim light box,super slim light boxes,ultra-thin light box, LED light box,LED slim light box, LCD advertising media player, exhibition windows and wall posters. Widely used in the commercial center, supermarkets, banks, stores, hotels, airports, bus stations, train stations, bus stations, tunnels, subway stations, trains, elevators, exhibition and other large business area.
Automatic light guide panels plate drawing lines plotter V cutter groove engraving machine character:
1) professional Automatic light guide panels plate drawing lines plotter V cutter groove engraving machine can draw accurate lines, accuracy up to ± 0.05MM.
2) Light guide effects perfect, astigmatism uniform
3) high producting efficiency, average drawing line speed 36m ~ 60m. per minute
 4) engraving drawing any graphics, easily revised  to meet customer needs
5) Working continuously 24 hours a day for batch production with panasonic servo motor
 6) solving the problem of uneven thickness of light guide panel plate effectively, automatically adjust the depth of light guide panel plate.
 7)Automated computer controlled machinery, new employees can operate drawing lines,cutting and engraving for normal production after one day training
 8) cutting drawing groove engraving variety of materials
 9)one year free warranty, long life charge maintenance.
10)special cutting head can avoid laser cutting burnt yellow black and other defects.
11)special head achieve smooth cutting edge and meet 90 degree vertical industry standards,avoiding laser engraving improved kerf large, scratches and other defects
12)no pollution, no odor, no harm to the operator. Comparing with laser cutting machine
13)there are 2500*1600mm, 3000*1600mm, 3000*1800mm, 3500*2000mm and other OEM szie
14) providing with comprehensive technical support and attentive after-sales service.
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